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No doubt you've seen others using a business consultant, and you're now wondering whether it would be a good step for you and your business.  

I've been exactly where you are, weighing up the benefits of a possible investment. I get it. So here's my promise to you ...

I will treat your business as my own. I will share with you everything I have learned. I will guide you, coach you and mentor you. I will challenge you. I will get you and your business in the best place possible for success. What happens next is up to you!  

You'll find my standard packages below. If you'd like something a little more bespoke then send me a message and let's chat about it.

What my clients say ...

"My 121 coaching sessions with Steph have been invaluable in turning my business idea into a reality. I knew what I wanted to achieve but just wasn't sure how to get there. Steph gave me the tools and techniques I needed to reach my goals. Being a busy mum of three Steph was able to tailor the sessions to my needs. I was drip fed the steps I needed to take each week to prevent overwhelm. After each session, I knew exactly what I needed to achieve before our next call and was left confident that I was able to do it. Before I knew it I was ready to launch my shop. It has been open less than a month and I have been blown away by the success I've enjoyed in such a short period of time."

—  Carolann Brewer, Children's Accessories

The Business Hour


If you have a business idea and you're not sure what to do next, or your business is up and running and you're feeling stuck, or you're thinking about the next steps for your business and you need to bounce some ideas around, then this power hour could be a game-changer for you!


We can work together to analyse your business and/or ideas. We can identify your blockers and create a plan to help you overcome them. We can discuss your ideal business/end goal and create a high-level plan to move your business and/or ideas forward. We'll focus on what's important for you and your business. 

To get started, complete the enquiry form using the button below.


The What


(Interest-free payment plan available)

Our businesses are ever-evolving, and it's easy to find ourselves lost in the 'doing' with no clear direction or plan. Let's work together to set your strategy for the next 12 months. We'll take an in-depth look at your business as it is today, what's worked and what hasn't. We'll map out your ideal business and set 3-year goals. Then we'll focus on the next 12 months, drawing on lessons learned to refine your business and align it to your goals.


I'll ask you tough questions, I'll push you to think about your business in a different way and I'll support you through the decisions you need to make. But I won't make decisions for you. It's important that you remain fully in control of your business because you're responsible for delivering them. 

Here's how it works;


  • I'll send you a workbook to complete 1 week before we get together

  • We'll spend 1 full-day (7 hours) together. I'll come to you (UK only).  In the morning we'll go through the information you've collected in the workbook including; your finances, products/services, marketing, and operations. We'll do a SWOT analysis and set goals. In the afternoon we'll design the next stage of your business and make key decisions to support it.  We'll finish by doing another SWOT analysis to test the Strategy.

  • Within 5 working days, I'll send you a Summary document (called The What) and an Implementation Plan

  • We'll have 1 45-minute follow-up video call to run through the documents

To get started, complete the enquiry form using the button below.


The How


(Interest-free payment plan available)

As freelancers, it's easy to skip over our operations and dive straight into our business. Who wants to write processes when there's much more exciting 'real' work to be done?! But without purposefully designed operations, a business will feel clunky and inefficient as it grows. If that's how your business feels, let's change that!

With an eye on the next 12 months, we'll work through the four pillars of your operations; processes, systems, property, and people.  We'll make sure that they support your business goals and any growth plans so that you can focus on building your business strategically.

Here's how it works;

This is how we'll do it;

  • We'll spend 1 full day (7 hours) together.  I'll come to you (UK only).  Together we'll identify all of your processes and map out up to 4 during the session (including any automated processes for CRM systems such as Dubsado and the all-important client experience). We'll make sure you're using the best systems possible for your budget. We'll check on your property requirements. Finally, we'll look at your people requirements, writing job descriptions if needed.

  • Within 5 days I'll send you an Operations Summary (called The How) and a pdf file of each process map.

  • We'll have 1 x 45-minute follow-up call to go through the documents.

To get started, complete the enquiry form using the button below.